Sunday, December 12, 2010

chicken fried rice

today for lunch I made chicken fried rice. now before you shake your heads at me, I got the recipe from the Weight Watchers website! honestly, this was one of the best fried rices I'd ever had, and certainly the best I'd ever made. and it was full of flavor for not a lot of points.

a quick how-to for you all:

cook the brown rice according to package directions
cook chicken in a skillet until slightly browned and cooked the whole way through
chop scallions and garlic, set aside until ready to assemble the fried rice

once rice and chicken are both cooked, assemble the rice, soy sauce (1.5 teaspoons), scallions, garlic in a large skillet coated with canola oil (2 teaspoons). 

cook until the egg is fully cooked, about 3-4 minutes. once egg is cooked, add the chicken and snow peas, cooking until warm. 

serve and enjoy! 

back on the wagon

I recommitted myself to Weight Watchers today.
and honestly, it's about time I did.

went to the grocery store and have a pretty good menu planned for this week. some highlights include:

chicken fried rice
whole wheat pasta with butternut squash and ricotta
toasted quinoa salad with lemon and herbs
quinoa stuffed orange peppers with feta

it's nice to feel like I'm in control of my eating again. so nice.